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                                              Golf-D'Lite Retirement Notice                                                                       MAKE ME AN OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE.   100% made in the USA             Thank you Golf-D'Lite owners for the privilege of providing your Golf-D'Lite club carriers and transforming your golfing days to most D'LITEful.  At 82 years young, I've retired and no longer manufacture & market my unique line of 4 Golf-D'Lite club carrier models, as I've done over the past 12 years. If interested in purchasing website & successful business to continue manufacturing and marketing Golf-D'Lite club carriers, phone me @ (352)382-4237. I'll work with you for a smooth transition.                            Sincerely,               Richard Kwiecienski, BSME   10 Fig Ct. W.,  Sugarmill Woods, Homosassa, FL 34446

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All Golf-D'Lite Pricing is WHOLESALE to the PUBLIC !    Yes, ALL Prices !!!

Walking is healthier than riding, and a Golf-D'Lite club carrier pays for itself from the savings of 2 or 3 riding cart rentals!

Golf-D'Lite club carriers are hand crafted by American craftsman with high quality, lightweight, corrosion resistant materials.

               Low Introductory Price, from $34.75 + S&H.


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Sunday Bag, Sunday Bags




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  Golf-D'lite  gifts can be mailed anywhere in USA at no additional cost. See Purchase Information. 


So, What's a Golf-D'Lite, U.S. Patent # 6,471,055?



Briefly, Golf-D'Lite is a new line of 4 lightweight golf club carriers for ALL golfers: walkers, cart riders, amateurs & pros. For a side-by-side comparison of my 4 Golf-D'Lite club carriers, click the "Online Order Store" in menu above, and follow the prompts.


The Golf-D'Lite patent search conducted over 8 years ago, revealed 23 lightweight golf club carriers were awarded patents since 1923, none of which even closely resemble any Golf-D'Lite model.   Some call it a Bagless Golf Bag, while others describe it as a Golf Club Quiver.  It's a golf bag and cart replacement that promotes playing golf the enjoyable, healthy way the game originally was intended to be played--by walking!


Cart Riders: For play around-the-green, check out my GreenSide golf bag attachment below.


Designed to carry 5 to 8 of your favorite clubs, its perfect balance and UltraLite weight promotes walking with a natural, healthy stride instead of lifting and carrying a heavy bag, or pulling a bulky cart with 1 arm behind, which induces some back injuries. My LiteGolf club carriers also hold 3 balls, tees, scorecard & pencil.   Accessory items include a holder for your favorite beverage or sand canister, graphite shaft protector, and attractive Golf-D'Lite logo towel.


Golf-D'Lite club carriers hold all that's needed for playing that healthy, enjoyable round of LiteGolf.  


Its UltraLite design, sturdy construction, simplicity, ease of operation and resulting health benefits from use are some of Golf-D'Lites defining features, and it pays for itself from the savings of only 2 or 3 riding cart rentals. Weighing less than 40 ounces, Golf-D'Lite allows the ease of walking a standard size golf course, and to finally control your game by carrying only your favorite clubs. No more carting around that heavy bag of seldom used TROUBLEMAKER clubs.


Its unique patented KwikStand design allows Golf-D'Lite club carriers to stand upright on all golf course conditions, and can be placed on the edge of the green without risk of causing green damage. No more forgetting those extra clubs you carry to the edge of the green!  It's also the perfect after supper practice bag, or, bag for the executive course par 3 golfer.


How many clubs do you actually use in a round of golf?  Most amateur golfers admit 5 to 8. So, why carry all those extra, seldom used TROUBLEMAKER clubs? Join the growing trend of LiteGolfers playing golf the healthy, enjoyable way the game originally was intended to be played; by walking, and using only your favorite clubs you best control. LiteGolf players are pleasantly surprised how much better they feel and play when they Liten Up by retiring all those extra, seldom used clubs that don't hit the ball straight.


ALL 4 Golf-D'Lite club carriers are also ideal for use as practice range club carriers.


Golf-D'Lite is offered at today's low introductory prices by limiting marketing expenses to website and informational pamphlets, and eliminating the high middleman marketing expenses. Golf-D'Lite is not currently available in stores, and its popularity is spread by referrals from satisfied owners, and the internet. For more information, please click on the various Golf-D'Lite menu items and scroll down each page to view and peruse more of Golf-D'Lite in Use From Tee-to-Green, the Purchase Information page and, don't forget to visit our Online Order Page.



Golf-D'Lite Club Carriers are Friendly to Your Back!

Walk with a natural, healthy stride. Pulling a cart with 1 arm behind is

 unnatural & causes some golf-related back injuries. Ask any Chiropractor.

Relief is just a Golf-D'Lite away !




Important Note:

Golf-D'Lite carriers are designed for clubs with standard size handles. Use of clubs with oversized handles will reduce holding capacity of our 5 club models to 3, and our 8 club model to 5.

LITEN UP with Golf-D'Lite

See Purchase Information Page for club carrier prices from $34.75 and enlarged views of Golf-D'lite club carriers and accessories.  
Design your personal Golf-D'Lite
club carrier!
We'll custom build it with accessories you choose From Purchase Information Page best suited for your Healthy & Enjoyable LiteGolf

No assembly required. It's ready for play!


Club Holder
GOLF-D'LITE, THE LiteGolf Bag and Cart Replacement
A Great Gift


10 Fig Ct. W.


FL 34446


Available 24/7



Sunday Bag, Sunday Bags




Sunday Bag


Golf club carriers

Golf club holders

Sunday bags

Lightweight golf bags

Par 3 bags

Golf bag attachments

Golf bag supplements

Cart path only golf bags

Half set golf bags

Caddy bags





Sunday Bag, Sunday Bags


LiteGolf Club Carriers REPLACE Bulky Cart & Bag


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Ideal for cart-path-only courses

New!! The 5 club GreenSide Golf Bag Supplement, or Attachment!  

The Golf-DLite GreenSide club carrier. $39.75 + S&H

Important Note: Use of clubs with oversized handles will reduce

holding capacity of our 5 club models to 3, and our 8 club model to 5.

By request, the Golf-DLite GreenSide is now available as a golf bag supplement for riding carts. Instead of carrying her putter and a few clubs she uses around the green, Loretta suggested modifying the Golf-DLite LiteGolf club carrier to attach to her golf bag for carrying these clubs when using a riding cart. A practical suggestion, and no more forgetting these clubs when returning to the cart after putting. For those times when riding carts are used, the Golf-DLite GreenSide club carrier clips onto your golf bag attached to the cart. Holding your putter, sand wedge, and 2 or 3 clubs commonly used around the green, its easily removed for play and replacement back to your golf bag.


Since vibration occurs while cart is in motion, the GreenSide club carrier is equipped with a graphite shaft protector. For a flush fit against your golf bag, the ball holder and beverage holder accessory are removed from the GreenSide, as these items are available on all riding carts.   When ordering the GreenSide club carrier, please indicate the height of your golf bag.   The GreenSide fits best on golf bags less than 37 inches high.


GreenSide club carrier in use on cart and around green.

U.S. Patent No 6,471,055 

The GreenSide is also THE ideal practice range club carrier


WOW, save over 50%!

Only $15 for Technasonic *Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder + FREE S&H

When added to and mailed with any Golf-D'Lite club carrier order.

Now that's an economic stimulus package! To order click here.

*Richard's note:    As a satisfied user, I believe the Check-Go golf ball sweet spot finder satisfies all manufacturer's claims.  As a result, it's the ONLY non-Golf-D'Lite product I choose to offer for sale on my website.   It really works!  Ask any golf professional.



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GolfD'Lite; the attractive alternative to ladygolf, caddy daddy, caddy golfbag, caddycane, similar golf club carriers and sunday golfbags. Some describe GolfD'Lite as a golfclub holder, or a bagless golf bag, while others call it a golf equipment quiver, sunday golfbag, rack or stand. Its lightweight features not only enhance practice sessions, but its desirable for walkers on executive, par 3, three, and standard golf courses by allowing walking with a natural healthy stride. Its the perfect golf gift, golfgift for that golfer that walks, or, needs to walk. Whether its called holders, bags, golfbags, gifts, sundaybag, sundaybags or carrier, its the original light weight lite golf cart and bag replacement. See home page for more detailed descriptions of golflite, litegolf, and GolfD'Lite in use from tee to green, No more heavy bags or riding golf carts. Its not a caddy cane, caddy-cane, the club frame, golf frame, golfdog or dog. golf towel & towels are some accessories for our half set sunday golf bags, sunday golfbags & caddygolf bags. Delight your youth & lady golfer with our golf delite liteweight golf bags & club quivers.

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